Certification – NOT Promised. We Promise Learning in our CSM® class.

Don’t settle for a certification. That paper is not worth as much.

 Yes, the class I am offering is called Certified ScrumMaster®. Yes, participation in my class makes you eligible for certification as a CSM®. However, neither the certification nor the test is the primary purpose of my class. If you are only looking for the certification, please don’t come to my class. It is prohibited for a trainer to guarantee a CSM® certification. If someone is guaranteeing certification in the class, you could say that is an “alternative fact”.

On the other hand, we promise learning. At the end of the first day, if you for any reason think that you are not learning enough, come talk to me, and I will pay you back your registration fee. Even seasoned Scrum professionals attend my class and tell me that they learn a lot from my class. And yes, of the people from my class who take the test to be certified, close to 100% of them pass the test.

In addition, we have a lot of fun in my classes. I believe that the workplace should be a fun and an inviting place to go.

We do not give CSM exam during the class.We believe that the time you have in the class is precious and need to be spent in a positive learning activity than taking a test. If you do participate in the class, we will upload your name and email to Scrum Alliance by end of the class and that will make you eligible for taking the exam and get certified.

Come join me for learning Scrum and more.

On a regular basis, we conduct public Scrum Master training in Denver, Colorado and Herndon, Virginia. We also do private classes in-house for various clients around the world including India, Netherlands, UK, Malasia, and South Africa. 

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