Helping you with your Agile Journey

Helping you with your Agile Journey


Certified ScrumMaster® class

This workshop will help you learn the fundamentals of Scrum practices. On completion of the course and a successful completion of a post-course online evaluation at Scrum Alliance, you will be registered as Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM) with a two-year membership in the Scrum Alliance.



Is your team starting out with Agile practices? We can work with your team for a short period of time to help you start on a right way. This will avoid making some of those rookie mistakes. Contact us to discuss how we can help.

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Trying to figure out where you can improve? We will help your team to look at their current practices and offer suggestions for improvements.

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"I had the pleasure, along with my team, of being trained in Scrum by Manoj. We not only learned, but to a person, enjoyed the way Manoj taught the material in an interactive way that had us all involved. There is no doubt Manoj knows the material thoroughly and has a style which spreads his enthusiasm to his students. If you ever have the chance - work with him!"

Tony Urreta Sr. Vice President at Soft Tech Consulting.

ScrumMaster Saves the day!

Our CSM class is not the typical training where the instructor tells you everything from the podium using a power point presentation. This is an experiential learning workshop where your will experience what you are learning thru carefully designed activities, well-facilitated discussions, some lecture. We have an exciting and fun exercise where you will create a movie about Scrum. This is an example of a video created in the class.

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I attended Manoj’s Certified Scrum Master training for two days – He was very knowledgable and the class was very engaging with hands on learning. We enjoyed his sense of humor and I got certified on the weekend following his class. This shows I did not need extra preperation other than the class and recommended reading.

Jayashree Ramani, Software Development Manager

Manoj is a seasoned Agile coach and consultant. I was a participant in his CSM course and was impressed with his depth of knowledge on all aspects of Agile, not just Scrum. Manoj is an experienced facilitator and understands how to communicate concepts effectively and manage course exercises to deliver maximum working knowledge of Agile methods. Always pleasant and upbeat, he kept the course interesting and moving along at the right pace.

Jack P. Ferraro – Program Executive at Salesforce

Manoj is the best. Our CSM training was an amazingly open, positive energy filled and informative environment. I truly enjoyed it, and am now moving forward with much better understanding of Agile and Scrum principles.

Owen Bergwall, UX Designer at Capital One


Manoj Vadakkan

Principal Consultant

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Certification – NOT Promised. We Promise Learning in our CSM® class.

Don’t settle for a certification. That paper is not worth as much.  Yes, the class I am offering is called Certified ScrumMaster®. Yes, participation in my class makes you eligible for certification as a CSM®. However, neither the certification nor the test is the primary purpose of my class. If you are only looking for […]

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Iterative vs. Agile

This article was originally published on Scrum Alliance website in October 2009 Recently, I happened to overhear and eventually involve myself in a conversation between two Project managers. They were discussing why Project managers have to define what “yes” and “no” means to the team – after all, people have understood these words since kindergarten. […]

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Is Sustainable Pace Just Nice to Have? Think Again!

This article was originally published on Scrum Alliance website on May 2011   Most of the time, “selling” Agile is easy these days. Everyone agrees that iterative and incremental development is a better alternative; more user interaction is better; so on and so forth. At some point, I will talk about the importance of a […]

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Deal with It

This article was originally published on Scrum Alliance website in Sep 2014 As the day goes by in a typical CSM class, I get a lot of “what if?” questions from students. Some of these questions go this way: “What if the product owner adds a new story or changes a story during the sprint?” […]

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Cargo Cult Agile

This article was originally published on Scrum Alliance in Dec 2009. We have been saying “there are no silver bullets” over and over again. But do we really believe that? In some ways, it is like the disclaimer we add to the end our e-mails. Nobody reads it, but the legal department makes us put […]

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